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Admissions in Canada

At present, +450,000 foreign students are studying in Canada, a number that is constantly rising.

Canada Study Permits & Student Visas

The standard way to study in Canada is with a Canadian study permit.

Work while Studying in Canada

For those who need extra funds when studying in Canada, working at the same time might be necessary and is possible.

Study without a Study Permit

You can study in Canada without a study permit under certain conditions.

Post-Graduate Work Permit

For those in Canada who have finished their studies and want to work

Pathway to Permanent Residency

Canada needs foreign students to constitute a significant portion of the next generation of permanent residents who end their studies in Canada.

Admissions To Universities & Colleges

For students pursuing quality education in North America, Canada has developed into a world-class education destination, and it is not difficult to see why. Canadian degrees are internationally recognized and are among the world’s most sought-after. Despite all this, the tuition rates are among the lowest in the English-speaking world at Canadian College/University. FELCUS will be your’s best mentor to choose a college/university that fits your criteria and is easily qualified, whether you are trying to participate in a short-term course or a undergraduate/master’s degree program; we provide expert guidance. We have the experience to help you focus on those universities that fits your academic profile, research priorities, financial status and lifestyle.

There is always curriculum for you, whether you want to study English or complete a university degree. We find the right services for you, work on the specifics, and make sure you have all the necessary documentation.

Student Visas

Once the prospective student has met the eligibility requirements and has the necessary paperwork, they need to apply for a study permit. It is essential to apply for study visa as soon as the letter of acceptance is issued by the institution. The “Student Direct Stream” named as (SDS) has been introduced for few countries including Pakistani students, and they can receive their visas much quicker and within days if the eligibility conditions are met.


During filing your visa application, our Regulated Immigration Expert will assist you. If you want to study for a new program, expand your existing study permit, or apply for a new student visa, we can support you.

Work while Studying in Canada

International students who have chosen Canada as their study destination have the chance to obtain useful job experience.

Off-Campus Job

An international student may work with an employer outside the university’s campus. International students can work up to 20 hours a week during daily academic sessions, and full-time during summer/winter holidays or spring breaks.

On-Campus Jobs

There is also the opportunity for a student to work if they fulfill criteria inside the university’s campus. The college, a faculty member, a student association, a private company based on campus or a contractor offering services at school facilities.

Study Without A Study Permit

A foreign national would, in most situations, require a Canadian study permit to study at any stage in Canada. However, an international student could be excluded from having this in some instances. There is no provision for a study permit if the study program is six months or less. Such courses will address any subject and can be full or part-time. The extension of a visa would not merely be provided to complete a short-term program.

  • Any family member or member of private staff for a foreign diplomat or foreign accredited representative does not require a permit to study in Canada.
  • Any member of the armed forces of a country that is a designated state under the Visiting Forces Act do not require a permit to study in Canada.

Post-Graduate Work Permit

Under the Post-Graduate Work Permit Scheme, graduates from participating post-secondary institutions are eligible for an open work permit available for up to 3 years. The professional work experience acquired under this initiative will help you take the next step to permanent residency. Do not wait to contact us now to find out if you qualify. If you’d like to benefit from this great program, you must apply with in 180 days after finishing your studies.

Pathway to Permanent Residency

In the future, Canada hopes that a significant portion of the next generation of permanent residents will be made up of international students who have studied within the country. Students are given this choice through the following programs:

Canadian Experience Class

Allows people with Canadian studies or job experience to permanently immigrate to Canada.

Provincial Nominee Programs

The provinces of Canada each have unique systems in place to enable graduates to immigrate permanently.

Quebec Experience Class (PEQ)

Requires those with job or research experience in Quebec to immigrate as a permanent citizen of Canada to Quebec permanently

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