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Family sponsorship PROGRAM

You may be entitled to sponsor families for permanent residence if you are over 18 years old and a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. FELCUS will determine your credentials as a sponsor and will work hard to ensure you are reunited with your family as soon as possible.

Spouse Sponsorship

Take advantage of an accelerated processing period  by sponsoring your spouse or common-law partner for a Canadian permanent residency. Canadian-based candidates could also be eligible for an unrestricted work visa, allowing partners the ability to ease some of their financial pressures. A spousal open work visa allows spouse to work in Canada during the approval of their sponsorship application.

You do not need to show a minimum sum of income to support a partner, unlike most other types of Canadian sponsorship. However, if you sponsor a member of the family to Canada, you must sign an agreement in which you agree to provide your sponsored member with the family’s basic needs.

Child or Other Dependent Sponsorship

Children, natural or adopted, may become permanent citizens in Canada and can live with their parents. In order for the child abroad to obtain a Visa, all individuals, the ‘sponsor’ (Canadian citizen/permanent resident) and the ‘supported person’ (their child abroad) must be accepted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). All parties must prove their commitment to each other in order to be eligible to obtain a visa under this scheme.

Parent or Grandparent Sponsorship (PR)

Canadian citizens/permanent residents who wish to use this service are first expected to complete an online form on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website. It should be remembered that it is not an application that submits interest to the sponsor form but an essential first step for this sponsorship stream. Candidates who are invited to apply shall request a full application and all supporting materials within 60 days of the invitation date. 

Parent or Grandparent Sponsorship (Super Visa)

The Super Visa program enables permanent residents or Canadian citizens’ parents or grandparents to enter or leave Canada for visits several times over 10 years. Such tourists are permitted to stay in Canada for a maximum duration of two years per visit. 


Under this visa stream, parents or grandparents can enter Canada as visitors and leave the country voluntarily once their stay is over. Factors that decide admissibility include:

  • The intention of the person to visit the country.
  • Adequate connections to their home country.
  • Their financial status.
  • Their home country’s political stability.
  • Their criminal record.

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